Alissa Wehrman


“R and I can’t tell you how much we’ve enjoyed working with you.  Your remarkable skills, patience, and flexibility provided tremendous value to us, and frankly, got us through one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences of our lives.  Through our experience with you, we’ve learned that a doula is a critical member of a woman’s support team.  A doula provides quiet leadership and guidance as well as a compassionate ear that empowers a new mother to make the best choices for herself, her baby and her family.  In short, a doula is the center- along with the mother- of an event that has an incredible ripple effect.  We feel so lucky to have gone through the looking glass with you!” D and RN

“Alissa is a very active doula, but does so many things efficiently and quietly that the focus is always on the mother. She makes the labor and birth experience more positive for everyone present. The labor nurse commented to me that Alissa was the best doula she has worked with. I would highly recommend her.”  -DG

“Beforehand, you really helped to waylay our fears by explaining the process and our choices.”  -LM

“…you looked after K and empowered him to be a strong birth partner. The help you provided to get C started nursing was invaluable.”  -LB

” …warm, competant, independent worker, great suggestions, helpful to everyone present!”  -WR, midwife

“Alissa has a wonderful, calming effect on both the patient and her family. I enjoyed working with her!”
-LW, Registered Nurse

“…was extremely helpful with both the physical and emotional aspects of labor and the decision for a cesarean birth. Excellent suggestions for breastfeeding.  Very friendly- a pleasure to work with!” – AT, Registered Nurse

“T says your suggestion for the delivery position was brilliant and really helped him to feel a part of the actual moment when T emerged! We thought your coaching of me was perfectly balanced with his role throughout. It allowed him to be there for me emotionally without having to worry about medical stuff or which positions. He could focus on giving me love!”  -PB

“What a long day, where the hours just bled together, as the sun set and rose and set again, nurses changed shifts etc.  What was constant throughout though, was your presence…I remember very vividly your calm, caring assistance;  their wasn’t a moment when I didn’t feel safe and well-cared for and I owe much of that to you!” -HDC

“I wanted to thank you for the amazing support you provided me and H in that very intense period. I didn’t have any set of expectations of what it would be like and am glad to say I couldn’t have imagined it to be any better. It’s made me appreciate and understand the role of the doula…” -HC

“Your presence at the birth was transformational for me, for M and for H, making it truly magical; the wisdom and caring and your cool, gentle hands on my skin are precious memories for life.” -SB

“I just appreciate how you met me where I was and led me down the path in such a gentle yet persistent way. I needed the support as well as the push to fully understand how capable I was.” -DJ

“I am especially grateful for your advice on breastfeeding and your wisdom during labor. The many labor positions you knew to try and the positive, strong attitude you helped me strive toward were the keys to J’s healthy birth. The whole family thanks you.” -JZ

“Initially I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from a doula but you erased all doubts and then some. I can’t tell you how reassuring it has been to know you were there, whether by phone or in person, whenever we’ve needed support. You are a rock star.” -JG

“Once again you have really out done yourself…your services, style, personality, passion and caring make you so good at what you do. You are a ‘one of a kind’ and part of our honorary family.” -EH

“…our pregnancy was full of ups and downs and you were so wonderful every step of the way…you always provided us with more support and information than any other member of our birth team.” -LH

“Thank you so much for all your loving help and support in bringing our precious F into the world. You have a true gift. With love from all the grandparents.”

“Alissa’s 6 week follow-up was great for me after the birth of both our sons. The questions she asked and the way she asked them helped me to check-in with myself about how I was processing different aspects of the birth and postpartum period.” -SS

“…your belief in me helped to have an ending in a beautiful vaginal delivery…I felt so blessed by your ongoing little acts of kindness (new drinks, cleaning here and there, organizing, walking with me) and your lion-like strength at being a supportive and accepting advocate. I wish we could pay you 3x!” -JM